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Fuck Nature

And Other Happy Thoughts

Hey, everyone. How the hell are ya? Me, I’m doing alright, save for the fact that nature has designed certain plants specifically to make humans suffer. And for that, it will pay. Oh, yes, it will pay. Anyhow, just wanted to get a few thoughts out to the lot of you, while they’re in my head. Headbones. I have many headbones.

So, right – first, a couple of issues with the House Rules. Changing a couple up – I redefined a few of the skills (noting mostly what skills don’t exist anymore, and what some skills are now called). As for bleeding out, starting “Season Two”, I’m going to make the bleeding out rule go back to -10. Reason being is that if you have a high Con score, you’re going to have the ability to avoid dropping down to -10 easier anyhow. All it really does is hurt characters like Daniel, who would die at -9, and it doesn’t effect mosters, who get left for dead or coup de graced anyhow.

Another thing – on the character section – I would really like it if everyone took time to bust out a paragraph describing their character, as I don’t like having to describe them myself – they’re your characters, afterall, and you should have a say on the page. I also want to get you guys to interact with the Exodus a bit more, but, the way the adventures are going, that’s going to have to wait. Which is fine – no campaign ever goes just the way it was thought to be going at first – and, to be honest, the way things are working out are just straight-up more interesting than what I had planned originally.

I’m really looking forward to running this upcoming module, mostly because I’ve been through it before myself, and I’m just curious what route it’ll take with WILDLY different characters than the last one. I believe when I went through it, there was a psychic drow, a clergyman of Pelor, a frikkin’ ninja, a drunk and a samurai. So… yeah. Things should go a bit differently, I suspect.

Alright… enough babbling out of me. Just looking forward to Friday, is all.


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