Rúmyl Silimaurë


Tevnyl’s Ring

Rú stepped out of his house one night taking only what he could carry. He left a note for his mother, Tessylal, on the table, explaining where he was going and that he wasn’t sure when he’d return. He asked her to tell his life long friend what was going on and if he did not return to give her the letter in his dresser. He had walked through the woods for about an hour, since there were no roads leading from Weeping Valley, when he reached the crossroads. He noticed Mare was already there waiting for him.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“To find my Father,” Rú admitted.
“So you weren’t even going to tell me? I thought we shared everything, Rú,” she said desperately.

“ I am not sure where I am going or when, if at all, I shall return. I do not need you tagging along and getting yourself injured,” he said dryly.

She stared at him with her big eyes, tears welling.

“Oh come on! Not the eyes! Fine, I’ll take you along, but if you get hurt, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Rú huffed.

The pair traveled along effortlessly, easily avoiding the dangers of the roads. The road was long, and the pair came to a small town. Rú asked around and found out some information about an Exodus not to far from where they were now and if they wanted to know more to seek a man named Stellar. They went and visited him and Rú noticed a familiar looking ring on his finger.

“Where did you get that?!” he demanded.

“None of your business,” he stammered, “Get out of my shop, now!”

Rú would have none of this, that ring was his father’s! He started to argue, but Mare warned him that the guards were coming and the pair slipped out of the building. They found an inn for the night and Rú waited until she was asleep and snuck out of the room. As luck would have it he found Stellar leaving his shop and managed to catch up with him as he was heading through the alley to the road.

“I’ll only ask you one more time, where did you get that ring?” Rú spat, as he slipped from the shadows and placed a dagger hard against Stellar’s back.

“He… he… gave it to me, as payment,” the man stammered.

“Payment? For what? He would not so easily give up his signet ring,” Rú said, noting the obvious lie.

“I told him about this town in a mountain range, not to far from the Exodus,” he said.

“I doubt that, give me the ring, and you will walk away from this,” Rú demanded. But even before Rú finished the man was calling for the guards. His words were cut short though as Rú’s dagger slipped between the man’s ribs into his lung. The man dropped at Rú’s feet and Rú slipped his fathers ring off the man’s finger and placing it on his own. He quickly cut off the man’s coin purse and tossed it into a nearby pile of garbage, making this look like a robbery. He left the bloody dagger by the dead mans feet. Rú slipped into his shop looking for something, anything that would help him find his father, but he found nothing. Rú went back to his room and the pair was gone before dawn.

Of Franklin

It has been a few days since Rú, Mare and the rest of the little group buried Franklin. Right from the start Rú felt that there was something wrong with this, as if somehow this was not his time to go. The group looked all over town and throughout the Exodus to find someone who could bring Franklin back, but to no avail. That night Rú tried to meditate, but there was something nagging at him, tugging at his senses. He awoke from his meditation and set about to find any clues that might help bring Franklin back. Rú might be greedy, might be a lot of things, however amoral was not one of them. Despite his condescending attitude towards most races, Rú still knows right from wrong. He knows Franklin helped this group more than a little and was not going to let this Hero pass on, even though it was his own fault, if he could help it. For the next few days he searched and found the town to be devoid of anything useful. The larger towns were too far away and as far as everyone knew there were no druids in the area. The group talked amongst themselves and agreed to set out in search of someway to bring Franklin back from the dead. So the next morning they set out…


Rú has left his home, Weeping Valley in search of his Father, Tevnyl. He takes after his father to some degree being diplomatic, quick to temper, and stubborn all in one. Rú has learned many of his stories from his father as well, and is always in the mood to share one. His golden blonde hair and green eyes show him to be a noble Sun Elf while his actions, though hidden in the shadows, show otherwise. Rú has joined up with the Exodus only recently and his life long friend Merenwen has journeyed here with him.

Rúmyl Silimaurë

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