Merenwen Elensar


Wrong Way

Merenwen sat within the branches of one of the many trees within Weeping Valley, her back pressed against the tree’s trunk as she stared out into the night. She was watching the sky, the stars shining brightly and the moon shimmering its gentle light. But something below caught her attention and so she looked down upon the small village she called her home. Her eyes combed over the entire area, looking first to the home of her adoptive parents. She then glanced to the home of her dear friend, Rú, and almost went on with her search until she saw that familiar shadow sneaking within the dark, her mouth forming into a small smile almost instantly. Quietly, Merenwen slipped through the darkness, moving from tree to tree with grace as she followed Rú, picking his way through the thick forest, for there was no road leading to Weeping Valley.

She followed him for while without him even noticing so, moving here and there silently among the trees. Finally, Rú came to a crossroads, and Merenwen settled upon a branch as she watched him. Eventually, Rú started along down one road, and Merenwen’s smile grew.

“You’re going the wrong way,” she said just loud enough so that he could hear her. Rú turned about, searching for her for a moment or so until he spotted her shadowy figure along a branch close by. After a short talk, with friendly insults, amusing arguments, and the agreement that Merenwen would accompany Rú along his travels, she hopped down from her perch to join Rú by his side, walking off into the moonlit nightfall.


Her parents and family murdered by hordes of goblins right before her eyes, and the last of her kin, Mae was brought up in the Sun Elf settlement of Weeping Valley. There she grew, spending most of her time in the surrounding forests, learning the ways of nature and training with her bow. Weeping Valley has excepted her like kin, but her deep green eyes, dark brown hair, bronze skin, and tell-tale tattoos etched on her face show her as a Wild Elf. Even with such differences, her best friend is a Sun Elf boy nicknamed Rú. As they grew, they spent most of their time together, becoming bound to one another by a deep friendship within their hearts and souls. So when Rú left to find his missing father, Mae vowed to stay by his side through life and death, silently hoping to find revenge for her murdered kin.

Merenwen Elensar

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