Franklin Harick


Franklin’s Journals – Page One


I’d like my legs intact please! Which is actually what I thought when I opened my door on that fateful morning. What I actually said was I’m all paid up, which was more or less a lie, since I figured the tavern keep hired this Troll to collect my debt or collect my legs.

Little did I realize that a room could be booked four times over! And with such filth… None the less, what choice did I have, after the troll came in and siezed my bed and ate my pillow? Who the hell eats a pillow? The other temporary tenants seemed okay, and I probably would have slept better if it werent for that damn troll, THE LOUDEST SNORER I’VE EVER HEARD!!!

The others were an interesting bunch – a knome whos actually is a wonderful cook, and two elves who I wouldn’t mind so much if it wans’t for that snooty, know-it-all little girly elf (whose name is like Rae, or Crae, or Mayy, or something like that). Anyhoo… the downer was I was still in debt until a bunch of bandits came into town and decided to hold the children captive for ransom. That I could not stand for – and apperently I was not the only one. The elves dicided to help in MY rescue plan, that required the talents of such a person as myself and the knome tagged along too. How I managed to live is beyond me. Hehe – some would say Im full of luck, just not good luck .

Now I could go on about how we kicked some bandit ass, but thats not nearly as interesting as these odd chance of events, that has given me probably my only opportunity to get my self out of debt, and back in favor with these nice people who have been nice enough to put up with my little financial situation.

Moral of the story? Saving children is a great way to refinanance your debts and when a Troll come-a-knocking at your door, be glad hes there to sleep and NOT break your legs!!

- Frankiln Frederick Harrick


Franklin Harick

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