"Sunday's Game" - The Exodus

Road to Nowhere

Always in a rush. Just now got back to the Exodus, and it seems we’re set to move out again. Fharlanghn, give me strength, but this seems like we’re on a road to nowhere.

(The Incident with the Hag) – We left Brinfell fairly hastily, as it seemed as we didn’t do our job properly, and, we lost track of both the dopplegangers and the Count. Fine. Whatever. The Road goes ever forward. One day, in our travels back home, we encountered a remarkably tall woman, nearing seven feet – we approached her cautiously, as she seemed to want no troubles. Mae, however, seemed to note something odd about here, besides the height, obviously. I believe she said she noticed that the woman was even taller a moment before, and she had shrunk when we got within sight of her. Elves and their eyes, y’know. And of course, her suspicions weren’t unfounded – as soon as we began to pass her, a thick mist emerged from her. She lunged at a number of people inside the mist, and we heard horrific ripping sounds – in the confusion of the combat, I can’t say who finally put her down – but, when the mist dispersed, I was horrified to see Renzo disemboweled, his innards spilling out onto the road.

But, all was not lost – miraculously, Renzo seemed to slowly piece himself together, as I’ve always heard trolls could do. Over a course of minutes, his stomach sealed itself shut, and Renzo awoke – clearly in pain, but, alive, to be sure. It seems as if our young troll is growing to be much like his other kinds very quickly.

(The Incident with the Howlers) – I don’t understand where these beasts came from – there was a small plague of them a few days into our trip – a strange mix of porcupine and dog, these things attacked us without any provocation – they weren’t difficult to fend off, but my curiousity is so much that I can’t help but wonder why brought these things to these parts. The first group of these howling dogs we encountered hungrily devouring a deer – natural enough. But as soon as they caught sight of us, they left their pray in the middle of the road, and charged. We were attacked later that evening by a number more of them, as well. Renzo was certainly a bit more brave than usual when he fought them off, now knowing that his wounds were only temporary – and I’m glad for that, less for me to worry about.

(The Incident with the Lizardmen) – Apparently we’ve upset a number of the locals in our travels. Our first encounter with the lizardfolk happened in the dead of night, as, suddenly, the very enviroment around us pinned us to the ground. A lizard man hissed at us, demanding that the peoples that were setting fires to his forests come forward – of course, while we were partly responsible, it was certainly in no ways intentional. Despite Franklin and Ru arguing this point, there was no calming the lizardman. Suddenly, there was a number of spells being thrown from the lizardman and Franklin alike, both adamant in setting each other ablaze. Renzo struggled free, and, Fharlanghn let me move of my own accord, thankfully (although I forgot he gave that blessing to me at first – I was still half-asleep, if you recall). The battle degernated quickly once Renzo was out and atop the lizardman, and, while the lizardman spent some time hiding in the earth itself, it helped him little. I blessed Renzo with the power of flight, and Renzo used this to help the others out of the entanglement – and then swoop down and tackle our query once he emerged again.

“He was delicious,” Renzo was heard to say later.

A few days later, we encountered what seemed to be a band of lizardmen, who were intent on finding someone called the “Rotting One”. They could only have meant Franklin, of course. After some debate amongst themselves, my group decided not to sell Franklin off – Mae actually initiated the fight between by entangling this lizardfolk band (the leader then entangled us with the same spell, of course). A fight broke out, but it didn’t last long – after cutting down a number of them, Ru shouted at them to “call off his dogs”. The leader, standing not ten feet away from a raging Renzo, decided that it would be best if he collect his dead. After a few short words between the two parties, they collected their dead and left us be. No doubt we’ll see them again, but, at least this was settled before anyone else got killed.

(The Incident with Shadows and Hicks) – We met a man named “Roy” on the way back to the Exodus. He seemed like… the simple kind of man, and his main interests seemed to be in finding “his pigs”. He had, in tow, three boars, and, from what he was saying, he seemed interested in getting more. After some words, the party decided to let Roy come along, although Thenar warned (and rightly so) that we seemed to attract all manners of bad things – this couldn’t be more true.

Later, during that evening, we were setting up camp. Roy sat against some rocks and tried to sleep while Ru worked on another trap. However, before he could finish it, the people working on the trap seemed to notice something odd moving towards the camp – “shadows”, someone said, and before I knew it, they were upon us. Thenar looked panicked for a moment, as he remembered what these things could do (his first encounter with them was when he had just finished his masterwork plate, and he was feeling particularly brave, then the shadows went through it like so much wet paper), but was quick to act with the rest of the party in pulling out a holy water. Franklin quickly cut one of the shadows down with his magic missles, but, afterwards, they dove underground, hiding from our site. Most everyone redied holy water to splash on the shades once they showed themselves again, and, unfortunately, most of them threw the water when they did.

The shadows all emerged under Franklin, and I think all but one of us threw the water in his direction – Franklin, being undead, took the brunt of the water, his skin sizzling and burning – it seriously injured one of the shades as well, but, Franklin didn’t seem imediately concerned with that. The shades flew up and over Franklin after that (as they seemed to have no effect on him), and dove towards Tindel. Our new friend, Roy, seemed a bit panicked by this – and suddenly, he took on the shape of some strange boar-man, and charged his way out of the camp, boars panicked and fighting their way out as well. It was chaos, to say the least. When the dust settled, though, the shadows were destroyed, Roy was dead, his boars ran off, and Lortes had turned into a shade himself – and sadly, he wasn’t free of the influences of the beasts that spawned him, and turned on us – and we had to put him down as well.

This put a huge damper on the spirits of the party. While we were getting closer to home, losing Lortes wasn’t easy. He was exceptionally loyal, and died defending Ru. We gave him a proper Fharlanghnian burial, and Ru and Mae worked up an proper marker for him. Ru then devised a horrific trap that would be set if anyone decided to loot Lorte’s grave. After resting the rest of the evening, we picked up our things, and prepared to move on.

(The Incident with Qutaybah) – One morning, we were visited by a giant of a man named Qutaybah. He claimed to be an explorer and a merchant, and he proved to be great company, even in the early morning hours. Panbatter awoke and made breakfast for everyone, treating our guest to a great meal, and the rest of the party sat with him, making conversation, asking where he came from, what he was doing out in this wilderness. It turns out he is from some place called the “Plane of Air”, as he put it, in some city set off. Another thing to put on my list of places to visit. He made light trade with us, rewarding Panbatter a set of exotic spices for her cooking, and traded a number of diamonds, to help with our efforts in bringing Franklin back to the world of the living (an issue I intend to resolve soon, as I don’t want my abilities to turn the undead to be restricted by his presence anymore). He spent a number of hours with us, and, as we set out to leave, he wished us good luck – and we went our seperate ways.

(The Incident with the Medusa and Ederraswen) – I don’t remember much about this particular incident, as I lost three days to it. We were not far fro the Exodus at all, and in fact we were following the same river that they were at this point – we saw what appeared to be a young woman, bleeding heavily in the river. A number of us rushed to help her, and, as I put my hand on her, she turned – and then, I awoke, with my Brent, my sponsor, the head of the Church in the Exodus. Apparently, I was turned to stone by the very gaze of the woman, as was Panbatter. I awoke stiff as you could imagine, and amidst chaos – my friends were all darting about looking for magics to help Panbatter out of her enchantment. And from under their breath came the word “Ederraswen”.

It seemed as Ederraswen had means to restore Panbatter, but was being stingy with it. Thenar, Tindel and myself visited her, with intentions of getting whatever means she had away from her. She smelled of cheap wine when we approached her, and, she seemed to be in remarkably good spirits. She told us that she had two devices that she could part with – a wand with a few charges left on it that would break the enchantment, and a scroll – the scroll she seemed particularly eager to hold on to. While we were talking with her, a man that looked much like Franklin, except with what may have been clown makeup and a moustache approached – he claimed to have been summoned by me to identify this wand. He was quickly told to “fuck off” by Ederraswen, and dejected, he did. Tindel finally broke down and said, “fine, we’ll take it,” dropped the gold she demanded, and we set off to have it identified.

Frankling spent an hour analyzing it, and discovered what it truly was – a wand of a shatterspell. This would have broken the enchantment on Panbatter alright – into a thousand tiny pieces. She lied flagrantly to us, and she was going to pay for it. We set forth quickly to the Exodus authorities, and to the cart of Ederraswen herself – but she was long gone. Through some freak chance, she apparently left the scroll she was so adamant about keeping behind – and so, we were able to recover Panbatter from her solid state.

And now, the kid gloves are off. She had full intentions to shatter Panbatter to pieces. Mae is hot on the trail, with the help of Renzo’s nose, and we’re going to ride her down like a dog. Seems as we’re about to be on our way, then… I’ll be sure to write more later.


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