"Sunday's Game" - The Exodus

Bloodlines: Part Two

Still trying to catch up to current events, so, I’ll make this brief.

After resting a bit, and after I restored Thenar’s strength (which had been drained away by the shadows), we moved back into the keep, to seek out the evidence that the Count needed. It was a harrowing experience, to say the least. An undead cleric who was praying to Ishmin, I believe, accosted us when we encountered him at his altar. He tried summoning something up to fight us, but, to no avail. I think Ishmin was pleased that we paid some respects to his shrine, and would not move against us. We took him down swiftly, as he was by himself, and then we moved on.

If I recall correctly, we encountered a trio of mummies next. I don’t recall the exact order of things, admittedly, mostly because one of them hit me so hard it rattled my brain. After resetting my jaw and healing it with magics, I helped to keep the mummies at bay from Mae and Panbatter, who were paralyzed with dread upon seeing the beasts. We caught on quickly to the idea of setting them ablaze – they lit up REAL good.

Perhaps the most difficult time we had in the keep was when we encountered to devilish creatures – one was a man covered head to toe in barbed chains, and another was a guant, skeletal figure with a scorpion’s tail. The chain devil gave us little trouble, but the scorpion devil used powerful magics to keep us at bay – walls of ice sprung out of nothingness while the devil disappeared and reappeared across the room. Finally, with the help of a late-arriving Franklin, we were able to chase the beast off – but, no doubt we’ll see it again.

Lastly, in the keep, we encountered all the evidence we needed. Perhaps I’ll go into more detail as to what was going on here, but, in short, the prince that linked von Denn to the king was once a resident here, and slaughtered most of the keep. And, we discovered, he was still a resident today. A skeletal figure with a lashing tongue, horns on his head and black sword in his hand, this sunnuvabitch hit hard. Nearly killing Panbatter with a single blow, and coming close to cleaving Tindel in two, it was safe to say that taking this thing down was no fun at all. But, I write this today, and it’s obvious I survived the beast, as did the rest of the party, and we left that place with the prince’s ring – all the evidence we needed.

Of course, there was the issue with von Denn. Once we returned, he attempted to betray us, but the Franklin and Ru’s moxy somehow convinced the half-wit to come closer to them, and they beat five shades of shit out of him. Bound and gagged, we started off to the capital city of the Noble Lands, to turn this dolt in for treason. Just another day, it seems, for this lot.


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