"Sunday's Game" - The Exodus

Trouble Times Two: Part Two

Ru struggled to his feet as we heard the sounds of more of the cavern’s denizens tromp forward. Amoraq nodded at us, and said he’d hurry back to the encampment and try to find reenforcements. Almost as soon as he ducked out of the cave, Tindel and Franklin were standing at the entrence. Before they could say anything, however, we were beset upon by goblins.

A large number of goblins were seen in the passageway to the North of us, and, after a couple of them were cut down, they fell back into the next area. Renzo and Thenar persued, and the rest of the party followed suit. There was no real “plan”, apparently… some people stayed back, intending on staying in the doorway, while Renzo, of course, had another plan – paste the gobbies. He moved forward through the room, taking a couple bolts to his side, and does what he does best. He cut down one of the goblins that were firing at him, but was quickly getting overwhelmed.

A number of orcs entered the room, intent on pulling away a pair of boulders that were laying atop what was obviously a trap door. Franklin read quickly from a scroll, which produced a ball of flame – it burned one goblin to cinders and then it moved quickly to burn a rope away, forcing the orcs to move forward and try to move the boulder by hand. Franklin then ran forward and stood in front of a recovering Renzo.

Mae and Ru stayed in the doorway, firing at the goblins and orcs, bringing them down one by one. The remaining orcs managed to pull the other boulder away from the trapdoor just as Tindel was crossing it – Tindel fell into a pit that was a good twenty feet deep, but seemed to recover well from the fall. Renzo ran back to me for a moment, so that I could apply some healing magics to him, and then curiousity got the best of him as he went to return – he peered into the pit.

I couldn’t understand the conversation he had, but he was clearly speaking to the ogre that was now climbing out of the pit – I feared for Tindel, who I hadn’t seen since the pit had opened. The ogre and Renzo babbled at each other for a bit, and I could have sworn I saw the ogre curl his lip up and shrug. Amazingly, when he emerged from the pit, he began laying into the goblins and the orcs instead of the rest of my friends.

“It’s okay!” Renzo shouted to us, “He’s our friend now!”

I stood there, bewildred for a moment – the rest of goblins and orcs that were still concious ran back further into the cavern. Mae began interrogating one of the goblins as Renzo told us our new friend’s name and what-have-yous. We fed the ogre for his troubles.

Mae told us what the goblin told her – that, apparently, the one that was running this whole thing was calling himself Ferd – which was the name of the bandit that this lot took care of way back in Cinq… I suppose it was POSSIBLE that he lived, but… I had a distinct feeling something else was going on here.

We pressed on, pausing only to wait for Teg and Renzo lift a heavy portcullis out of the way. There was another larger cavernous area, and another portcullis in our path, but Ru discovered a secret switch that allowed us to simply lift it up. We pressed on once more. Thenar and Renzo were leading the party, then Thenar stopped short. He said, quite loudly, “I think I hear orcs up ahead.” He then, apparently, realized his own tone, and then whispered, "And, well… I think they just heard me. We moved up to a corner quietly, and started whispering plans. Thenar, knowing that they had already blown any surprise they might have had, shrugged, and dove around the corner, shouting as dwarves are apt to do. He then, very shorty thereafter, turned back around the corner, riddled with bolts.

After I patched him up a bit, we quickly glanced around. Mae and Ru saw a bit of cover they intended to make use of, and Renzo saw a huge boulder he intended to pick up to advance with. Tindel signaled to Franklin (although he didn’t speak) and Franklin placed a magical armor on him. Tindel’s intention was to step out and draw fire so that everyone else could get cover. I gave him a quick blessing, and the game was on.

Everyone moved like lightning – Tindel sprang out, dodging almost all of the bolts, a pair of them landing solidly in his shoulder. Renzo dove across the opening, and picked up the huge boulder, and positioned it so it would provide him cover. Ru and Mae dashed behind a set of rocks, and began to lay down fire from their bows, and Panbatter, Thenar and our new friend Teg moved out behind Renzo to aide him.

Renzo tossed the boulder atop a pair of goblins, and knocked the orcs that were standing behind them back and down. Ru and Mae made short of any target they could get a bead on, and, after another series of bolts, the goblins pressed forward – as did one of the humans that was standing at the end of the cavern. He bellowed as he advanced, which reminded me of how Renzo fought sometimes. That thought frightened me.

The whole battle was a flurry of swords and arrows, and I just remember healing whomever I could. An orc almost buried an axe into Renzo, but, Panbatter SOMEHOW shoved Renzo out of the way, taking the solid hit herself. After it was all said and done, Panbatter was greviously injured, and Teg was laying there unconcious, but alive, and the rest of us were hurting badly, but at a standoff with the remaining man at the end of the cavern, and his orcs.

“No one said anything about a kid,” Tindel said, out of turn. It was true, though, we had heard nothing about this. The man stood out in the middle of the cavern, with a child in hand, holding her above a pool of water. Once again, in all the anticipation I lost track of things. I tried to creep forward to heal our new friend, Teg, but, an orc buried a crossbow bolt in his head… not soon after that, Ru, somehow, suddenly appeared behind the man, and put an arrow into him, then jumped towards him with dagger in hand. A quick struggle, with Tindel and Franklin diving in after the child which was inevitably dropped… oh, I’m starting to babble here, aren’t I?

I apologize – what we saw next was distressing, to say the least. The man fell to the ground, finally – I once again forget who put in the final blow – but, once he fell, a spectre emerged from him. The spectre of Ferd, the man that my friends had killed way back in the town of Cinq. He bellowed in rage, and tried to force his will over a number of us, succeeding for a small amount of time with Merenwen, and almost succeeding with Renzo. A combonation of spells, magical weapons and finally holy water made his visage fade… and then we ran.

(Bah. Bad summary. This is what I get when I take too long to update.)


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